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Ion In Motion

This gem is currently not production ready! I'll update soon.

This gem is a thin wrapper which makes it easy to use the wonderful IonIcons in a RubyMotion project.

Browse the available IonIcons here

The gem relies on the IonIcons CocoaPod.


Use Ion in Motion to quickly return a UILabel, UIImage, UIButton or UIFont.

UILabel Use Ion.label to create UILabels. The icon name is required, and it takes size and color as optional parameters. The default is for a 18 pt font and black text

label = Ion.label(:your_icon_name) #Returns UILabel
label = Ion.label(:you_icon_name, size: 24) #Returns UILabel with icon and 24pt text.
label = Ion.label(:your_icon_name, size: 24, color: "green") #You get the gist.
    # The color argument accepts a string or a UIColor

UIImage Use Ion.image to quickly create a UIImage. The icon name is required, and color is an optional argument. Default is for a black 512x512 image. These are being created from 512x512 PNGs.

image = Ion.image(:your_icon_name, color: :orange.uicolor) #Returns UIImage
image = Ion.image(:your_icon_name, color: "green")
image = Ion.image(:your_icon_name)

UIButton Use Ion.button to create UIButtons. The icon name is required, and optional arguments are font_size, background_color, text_color, height and width. The defaults are 18pt font, white background, black text and 50x50.

button = Ion.button(:your_icon_name) #Returns UIButton
button = Ion.button(:you_icon_name, height: 50, width: 100, text_color: :green.uicolor, background_color: "orange") # Returns a very ugly UIButton

The button's accessibility label is automatically set to a stringified version of the icon name with any 'Android/iOS' prefix removed. i.e. A button with icon :android_alarm_clock will have the accessibility label alarm clock.

UIFont Returns a UIFont instance. I'm not sure what use this is outside of image and label methods, but you can use it separately too. It takes a size parameter, but defaults to 18pt without it. font = Ion.font(size)

####Icon Names I've shortened the names of the icons used by the IonIcons Cocoapod to make them a little easier to use. None are prefixed by ion_. You can browse the list in lib/icon_codes.md.

To visually browse IonIcons, check out their homepage, to translate those names simply replace dashes (-) with underscores (_) and remove the ion prefix. i.e. ion-chevron-right would be chevron_right. It's simpler and cleaner this way.


Easy-peasy. 1. Add gem 'ion_in_motion', :git => 'git://github.com/Brian-Egan/ion_in_motion.git' to your project's Gemfile. 3. Run bundle install. 4. Enjoy!