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In lieu of Logitech providing Linux drivers for the MX Master series mice, here is a script to set up key mappings.
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Debian Linux mappings for Logitech MX Master

The Logitech MX Master mouse series are amazing mice for productivity, and come with fantastic Windows and Mac drivers. However, Logitech still has not released drivers for Linux, so Linux users cannot customize button mappings.

Yes, despite them being a technology company with a $2.5 billion annual revenue, they won't develop Linux drivers for software engineers. So this is a workaround.

This script installs a few packages for key binding mappings, and then copies over a .xbindkeysrc file to the home directory - this is used by xbindkeys to configure key mappings.

I used the ArchLinux wiki for reference.

Running the Program

To run the program, grant executable permissions, and then run it.

chmod +x


This has been tested on Ubuntu 18.04, a Debian distribution of Linux. It has also been tested with the Logitech MX Master, and Logitech MX Master 2S.

Key Mappings

Key Mappings

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