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Visualisation of YouTube and Google data for music videos:
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YouTube Trends

VIS Module CS Honours


  • Brian Mc George
  • Bryce Billing
  • Calvin Brizzi

Supported Browsers

  • Google Chrome (recommended)
  • Firefox

Where is the HTML and visualization code located?

The visualization code is located here: www/YoutubeTrends/static
Please see the section below to ensure the visualization is served up correctly.

How to run

The D3 components need to be served up from HTTP, if one just accesses index.html from file, the data cannot be accessed and the page will not render correctly.
If there are any issues getting the visualization to run, then please contact us.
Outlined below are a number of ways to correctly serve up the visualization:


The submitted visualization has been hosted here and the report here as a means to avoid having to serve the page via HTTP yourself.

Web Server

Host the static html contained in the static folder of www/YoutubeTrends and access via HTTP

Local Machine

Some basic Python code has been provided that will serve the page up via HTTP on your local machine.

  1. In terminal change directory to www
  2. Run pip install -r requirements.txt
  3. Run python
  4. Then browse to http://localhost:5555/
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