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By Brian Tomasik
12 Aug. 2017
This program merges all the PDF files in a given directory (including subdirectories, subsubdirectories, etc.) into
a specified number of output PDF files.
This script requires PyPDF2. You can install it with the command:
sudo pip install PyPDF2
Sample usage: To merge all PDFs in mywebsitedirectory/ into 5 PDF files, run:
python mywebsitedirectory 5
import sys
import os
import math
from PyPDF2 import PdfFileMerger
def run():
input_folder = sys.argv[1] # input WordPress site-download folder (without any ending "/"), has to be in same folder as the .py program
split_output_into_this_many_PDF_files = int(sys.argv[2])
assert split_output_into_this_many_PDF_files >= 1, "split_output_into_this_many_PDF_files must be at least 1"
all_PDF_files = []
print "Getting a list of all PDF files...\n"
for (path, dirs, files) in os.walk(input_folder):
for file in files:
if is_PDF_file(file):
all_PDF_files.append(os.path.join(path, file))
if len(all_PDF_files) == 0:
print "WARNING: There are no PDFs to merge!"
print "Identifying PDFs that for some reason cause this program to crash...\n"
TEMP_FILE = "temp_delete_me.pdf"
PDF_files_to_use = []
merger = PdfFileMerger()
for file in all_PDF_files:
with open(file, 'rb') as opened_file:
with open(TEMP_FILE,'wb') as output_file:
print "ERROR: For some reason, can't process this PDF: {} . Make sure it's printed out separately.".format(file)
merger = PdfFileMerger()
num_PDFs = len(PDF_files_to_use)
num_PDFs_per_output_file = int(math.ceil(float(num_PDFs) / split_output_into_this_many_PDF_files))
print "\nOpening and writing the PDFs...\n"
merger = PdfFileMerger()
file_num = 1
output_file_num = 1
for file in PDF_files_to_use:
with open(file, 'rb') as opened_file:
if file_num % num_PDFs_per_output_file == 0 or file_num == num_PDFs:
output_file_path = input_folder + "_merged_part_{}.pdf".format(output_file_num)
print "Writing {} ...".format(output_file_path)
with open(output_file_path,'wb') as output_file:
output_file_num += 1
merger = PdfFileMerger() # start anew for next output file
file_num += 1
print "Done."
def is_PDF_file(filename):
parts = filename.split('.')
if parts[-1].lower() in ["pdf"]:
return True
return False
if __name__ == "__main__":