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Memtools Vita 0.3.2

Allows developers to play with the Vita's WebKit process memory by leveraging a WebKit vuln. Autoresolve is untested but should now handle kernel modules (patched syscalls) correctly.

Known issues: Does not dump the data section, only executable code. IDA does not like that, but its enough for ROP and some reversing. To dump the data section, manually add 4k increments (4k aligned) until crash. It probably will dump more than you need, but you will definitely have the data section (it is at higher addresses than module_info) Error handling does not account for ASLR. List of dumped modules needs to be serversided and SceWebKit (and the import tree) will have to be re-resolved every time it crashes

Install Capstone for python (disassembly library)

To use, first start the server:

    chmod a+x

Then with the Vita browse to http://<ipaddr>:8888. If all goes well you will see some output from the script. When you see %> it means that initialization is done. The supported commands are:

  • autodump : use to begin recursively resolving the modules
  • savemods : !unimplemented! save modules to disk (stored in "dump" folder and named as .bin)
  • x addr len : to display len bytes from addr in a hex-editor-like fashion
  • dis addr len mode : to disassemble len bytes from addr in mode (thumb or arm, latter is default)
  • dump addr len fname : to dump len bytes from addr to fname
  • ss begaddr endaddr pattern: to search for the string pattern in [begaddr, endaddr[
  • reload : to reload/reset everything
  • exit : to exit

Manually Dumping

Once you resolve a module and get module_info, you will need to look at the module_info to get stub_end. Dump from base of SceWebkit (sce_module.base) to stub end. The dump code appends to existing files with the same name, so delete the old ones if you are redumping for whatever reason. resolve.js implements the memory parsing for resolving a module, give it a look for help.


  • Implement : special-case handling for offsize import list entries

  • Implement : List of resolved modules serverside to prevent modules which are imported by more than one module from being dumped multiple times.


  • CodeLion: PoC using bug with netcat backend, and this new composite of code below:
  • hgoel0974: contributions to above netcat streaming dump PoC
  • Josh_Axey: cleaner PoC using bug with python backend
  • Archaemic: even cleaner PoC using bug with even better python backend (and before everyone else)
  • "a good friend": major refactor combining all three PoCs and ground up replacement of python backend with far superior python backend

Github Contributers

  • MrNetrix : implemented reverse search and hex search
  • Aquynh : Changed install instructions for capstone and linked to project
  • PureIso: fixed directory existence check in dump code, added backup of old dumps and creation of new unique file if dump exists
  • TomTomdu80 : Added help output


Hints & Help