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mirrors JAX-RS annotated services in JavaScript
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What is jax-rs-js?

jax-rs-js aims to help accessing JAX-RS annotated services from within a browser application. Complete coverage of JAX-RS features is not a goal of jax-rs-js. Instead some common and straightforward patterns are covered. See in the test source directory to see whats currently covered.

jax-rs-js currently relies on jquery on the browser side.

jax-rs-js is shipped with a Servlet to be included in a web application and to serve JavaScript files for JAX-RS services:

public Note addNote(Note note) {
    return note;

is called in JavaScript like this:
    title: "Sample note",
    note: "push changes on github"
  function(note) {
    // do something with service response in callback function

See for a working example (integration tests).

Build and install

Build with maven

mvn clean install

Include dependency in your pom.xml


or copy jax-rs-js-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar to your environment.

Servlet configuration in web.xml

A servlet generates and serves a JavaScript file for classes defined with init params:

    <!-- required: path to the JSX-RS servlet -->

Include JavaScript in the HTML page

<script src="<%= request.getContextPath() %>/resources-js/"> </script>

$(function() { {
     // render notes...

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