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#Mr. Vegetable Head

You remember Mr. Potato Head, right? For me, in the 70s, it was a plastic potato with plastic eyes, arms, feet, and whatnot that would plug in to holes on the fake potato. Long before that, it was a collection of appendages with pushpins that could stick into a real potato. Safety laws got more strict, forcing them to give up the pushpins and use plastic potato bodies.

Meet Mr. Vegetable Head. He's a fun guy (not a fungi, though I suppose you could use a mushroom as the body) that brings back the spirit of the old Mr. Potato Head. Print an assortment of appendages, supply your own fruit or vegetable, and have fun!


I am not a lawyer, but I'd bet lawyers would want me to include some comments about the size and sharpness of the parts. The pegs are really small and could easily pose a choking hazard. The points are meant to penetrate small fruits and vegetables and could poke an eye out. If you print this model for the young ones, be sure they are properly supervised when they play with it.

No fruit or vegetables were wasted in the design and photographing of this kit. Everything was eventually eaten.


Find the parts on Thingiverse, pre-rendered and ready to print at or search there for the tag "MrVegetableHead".

  • Pegs :: There are 10mm, 20mm, and 30mm pegs. These are sharp on one end (the end that pierces the plant matter). The other end mates with certain parts that require the assistance of pegs (eyes, shoes).
  • Eyes :: This is a basic set of eyes. There is an all-in-one single color print version (eyes-singlecolor.stl). If you have a DualStruder, you can merge eyes-twocolor-white.stl with eyes-twocolor-pupils.stl. Or if you have no dualstruder but have different colors of filament, you can just print the whites and pupils (in this case, you'll have to move the pupils down onto the print floor) and snap them together.
  • Arms :: Two variations, one vaguely left-ish and one vaguely right-ish.
  • Shoes :: Everyone needs something to stand on.

##A Call to Arms!

Please help make additional Mr. Vegetable Head parts. My artistic skill in the 3D realm is, perhaps, not the greatest. We can use help with all sorts of pieces:

  • More realistic arms
  • More expressive eyes
  • Noses
  • Mouths
  • Ears
  • Hats?
  • Anything else you can think of! Glasses? A pirate-hook arm? A variety of crazy mustaches? Monocles and top-hats?

If you make additional parts or derivatives of existing parts, be sure to post them to Thingiverse and tag them with "MrVegetableHead". Let's build up an awesome collection!