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Raspbery Pi Ansible Bringup Playbook


  • Copy vars-example.yml to vars.yml and edit in your customizations for hostname, password, and wifi settings.


  • Flash minimal Raspbian onto SD card
  • touch /Volumes/boot/ssh
  • Unmount from the computer and boot in the Pi, with the wired LAN connected to your network
  • Ensure you can successfully ping raspberrypi.local
  • Ensure you can ssh pi@raspberrypi.local with password raspberry
  • ssh-copy-id pi@raspberrypi.local

Running the playbook for the first time:

  • ansible-playbook -i raspberrypi.local, bringup.yml
    • Note that the package update steps will take a very, very, very long time.
  • ssh into the Raspberry Pi, sudo shutdown -r now and disconnect the wired LAN.

An example of running it later (in this case, my hostname is forestbox):

  • ansible-playbook -i forestbox.local, --skip-tags updates bringup.yml
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