An Ethernet-connected heads-up display: hardware, firmware, software
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InfoNinja is an Open Source Ethernet-connected desktop heads-up display. It works in tandem with a desktop computer to give you an at-a-glance secondary display of both text and ambient (color/blink/fade) information.

It is also a tea timer.

More detailed information and instructions about InfoNinja can be found at


There are two pieces to InfoNinja, each split into its own section:

The hardware is the InfoNinja box itself. The firmware runs within InfoNinja and provides a lightweight REST-enabled web server. It receives commands over the network and updates the text and lights.

The software runs on a desktop computer. It can query various environmental conditions — things like weather, bus times, the stock market, recent Tweets, email counts, automated software builds — and then tell InfoNinja to do things like flash red or print status.

The two work in unison to give you any information you need.