An example of using Backbone.js in a web app with as the back-end
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To run this Proxy to, you will need the following installed:

* Node.js
* CoffeeScript (npm install -g coffee-script)
* Express (npm install express)
* Restler (npm install restler)

Also, make sure you have created a project on  Then:

* Make a copy of the config (cp
* Edit to add your Application ID and Master Key from

Finally, to run this proxy, simply execute:

* coffee

To test it out, you can use curl:

 > curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
 > -d '{"first": "Brian", "last": "Genisio"}' \
 > http://localhost:3001/data/People

 > curl -X GET http://localhost:3001/data/People

 > curl -X PUT -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
 > -d '{"middle": "Michael"}' \
 > http://localhost:3001/data/People/fiIMd53m0j

 > curl -X GET http://localhost:3001/data/People/fiIMd53m0j                          {"middle":"Michael","updatedAt":"2011-11-05T19:15:25.122Z","last":"Genisio","createdAt":"2011-11-05T19:11:25.873Z","first":"Brian","objectId":"fiIMd53m0j"} 

 > curl -X DELETE http://localhost:3001/data/People/fiIMd53m0j

If you want to play with the integration, open your browser and piont to http://localhost:3001 and then open your developer console.  The equivalent actions can be executed using Backbone.js models:

> var person = new app.models.Person({first: "Brian", last: "Genisio"})

> var people = new app.collections.People()
> people.fetch()

**UPDATE**{middle: "Michael"})

var brian = new app.models.Person({id: "0XH76yfqyc"})


people.fetch({ query: { last: "Genisio" }}) // get only people with the last name of "Genisio"
people.fetch({ query: { last: {"$ne": "Doe" }}}) // get only people whols last name is not "Doe"