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Tail files, and do things with them.
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Tail files, and do things with them.


Run pip install erudite or if it's your thing: easy_install erudite. You'll need to also get argparse if you're using a Python less than 2.7.

This might work on Python 3+, but I haven't tested it.


Send first words of your zsh history to StatHat (currently the default):

erudite --parser=zsh_history --logger=StatHatLogger ~/.zsh_history

If you just want to play around, and see what you can do:

erudite --parser=zsh_history --logger=PrintingLogger ~/.zsh_history


Parsers (used to parse lines) are in erudite/, and loggers (used to do things with parsed lines) are in erudite/


It would be totally awesome to have many many more options in this script. I'm totally open to contributions. But there are a few things that will help me:

  • Your fork should have a topic branch with your feature, requesting to pull against develop
  • Please don't add any requirements for loggers to - catch ImportError and exit gracefully. (see StatHatLogger for an example)
  • If you're adding a parser, it would be awesome if you could attach some sample input.
  • Just for fun, you might want to run pylint against your changes.
  • If you're changing default settings, it's totally cool. Just ask me first.
  • You should add yourself to Authors in the README.

In particular, here are some things/ideas that would be great to have:

  • Parser for bash history
  • Parser for database logs
  • Logger for redis/mongo/whatever nosql store you want to use
  • Logger for StatsD
  • And if you're feeling particularly ambitious: tests


  • Brian Hicks


See (hint: it's Apache 2.0)

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