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OmniFocus Scripts


Pull tasks from Linear into your OmniFocus database. When this script runs, it will:

  • Create a tag named "teams" and a tag for each team you're pulling work from under it.
  • Create a singleton-item project named the same thing as the project the task is from.
  • Create a task named "TEAM-123 Name of task" with the URL in the note.

It will also make sure those things exist for each project each time it runs. It's fine if you move the "teams" tag or the projects; the script does not expect them to be at the top level.

The first time you run the script, it will prompt you for a personal API token. You can create one of these in your Linear settings (hit g-s and look for "API" on the left-hand sidebar.)

The token is stored in OmniFocus' credentials database that they make available to plugins instead of being stored in plain text somewhere, so it should be reasonably secure. That said, if you want to rotate or remove the key, hold when invoking the script, and you'll be prompted for a new key.


Like the Linear script, except it pulls work from assigned GitHub issues instead of Linear tasks. It also creates projects instead of tasks within a project.


Various tasks for making sure my OmniFocus database is updated and nice to work with.


Picks a strategy for what to do next based on the weights of what's available. Some strategies:

  • Do a task (weighted by tag so that work tasks are more likely to be picked on workdays but not on weekends.)
  • Review projects, complete with a prompt for a lens to view the projects through for the session
  • Process inbox
  • Pull work from Linear, GitHub, email, etc.


Except for third-party icons and assets listed below, this code is released under the BSD 3-Clause License, included at LICENSE in this source.


  • The Linear logo icon is provided by Linear in their Brand Guidelines section, and does not have a license listed.
  • Other image icons from Josh Hughes, licensed under "Please feel free to use the icons as you see fit"


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