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For the most part, please use issues to contribute tips. I'll be recording all of the screencasts to keep them consistent, so you don't need to bother with that part, or getting them scheduled. To make things easier, here's a template:

**Credit Me**: @you on GitHub (preferred. if you have your profile on GitHub
filled out the site will automatically pull down your most current profile
picture, name, and website) or @you on Twitter

Your tip goes here. Please include installation instructions if it's beyond
installing a layer in the standard distribution.

Just to emphasize: it looks much better on the site if I can credit you using your GitHub information. Plus, if you change it the next build of the site (they happen at least once every 24 hours) will pull in your new information, no PRs required! It ends up looking something like this:


Typos and Comments

If you see something wrong with a post, go ahead an open an issue. If you're feeling frisky, you can submit a PR instead, but I may edit it (especially if you don't give yourself credit for a content fix!)