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Open source LED controler App for Windows, Arduinos and various RGB Devices

HueHue is a simple LED controler based on Arduino and open-source libraries aimed for PC cases, tables, decoration and any place where you want to put Windows PC-controled LED kits. This has some resemblance to established PC case manufacturers functionality for LED control.

What can it do:

  • Real time controled fixed colors.
  • Infinitely Alternate colors.
  • Breathing effects.
  • Rainbow color effects completely customizable by the user.
  • Realtime music reactive color based on the default Windows audio device.
  • "Snake" colors.
  • Basic control of Razer Chroma devices using the Chroma SDK.

All featuring very low CPU usage, Even on audio processing modes, no fake "Cloud" computing, no data mining, no keyboard logging and etc.

Unfortunately, you do need to install each and every SDK related to your devices.

What it will do:

  • CPU, GPU Temperature reactive colors.
  • "Flu.x" like color effects to help reduce eye strain overnight.
  • Better UI and user experience, with auto updating and etc.
  • Sync effects with existing RGB hardware including Corsair, Logitech and Razer keyboards and mouses, or even Philips Hue Lights.
  • Auto change effects when a determined software starts running

What it will do maybe:

  • Sync lights with games
  • Scripting mode where you can program a effect manualy.

This is in early alpha, first public builds, releases and suport threads over Reddit shall be coming soon™.

Guides on getting the hardware should be arriving soon after the first release.

Early demos can be seen in here and here

This is a free and open source app i built on my free time, if you'd like to contribute, please, talk to me, create a fork and pull request.

If you have any special requests of effects, features or devices to be supported, open an issue or talk to me on our subreddit.

If you are facing problems, an issue or a post on our Reddit is a good way to start.

Special thanks to

  • @fabsenet and it's Adrilight Ambilight project
  • @FastLED's FastLED Arduino library
  • @filoe's CSCore for providing the windows audio processing library -@ButchersBoy MaterialDesignInXAMLToolkit
  • @Zubeto's ColorControl for providing a good and fast color picker that i forked and made my own design changes.
  • @CoraleStudios for providing the Corale, the wrapper used for Razer's SDK.