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For this release, i wen't after a little feature some friends suggested me on Twitter.

  • Fixed Spotify not hooking correctly when you had closed and reopened it
  • Added a small label to indicate if Riva and Spotify are properly hooked
  • Added Bitcoin Price tracking in 21 different currencies using api

Hope you guys like this!

This is a FREE for personal use open source software licensed under the GNU GPL V3 License, if you like my work, you can follow me on Twitter or pay me a coffee via Paypal or Bitcoin as it will fuel me while i develop other tools for you!

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Hey Guys, this is our first release for Overfy, my newest app for you!

This time i took all the care and made a installer for the sake of simplicity for users, so you just need to download "Installer.exe" and run it, let it do it's things and everything should be allright.

If you have any problems, open an issue or tell me on social Twitter/Reddit, i'll try to help as soon as possible.