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Small project to link UWP games and XboxGamePass to Steam

If you want to add Windows Store or Xbox Game Pass Games to Steam, you need to do a bit of a workaround because Steam can't see UWP apps, and there's a chance Steam won't show it on your "Currently playing" status. This app aims to simplify a little bit the process where it is possible by automating the scripting and launching of Windows Store apps and Xbox Game Pass games.

To add UWP or XGP games to Steam

Download the latest version of UWPHook and store it somewhere on your PC.

Click on the πŸ”„ to load installed UWP Apps, we will find every UWP app and Xbox Game Pass game installed on your PC.

Select every app you want to add to Steam, you can change the name by double clicking the "name" collumn, press "Export selected apps to Steam" and πŸŽ‰, every app you selected will be added to Steam.

Close UWPHook, restart Steam if prompted, click play on your UWP game, and Steam will show your current game on your status as long as you are playing it!


Since v2.8, UWPHook can automatically import grid, icons and hero images from SteamGridDB

On your first usage, the app will ask you if you want it to download images, redirecting you to the settings page.

By adding a API Key obtained in the SteamGridDB preferences, UWPHook will try to find matching images for any exported games, giving you the following result:

You can refine the images by using filters for animated images, blurred, no logo or memes for example, but it will always pick the first it finds for the filters automatically.

Special thanks to @FusRoDah061 for implementing the base feature!


  • Steam's Overlay isn't working!
    • Unfortunately, it's a Steam limitation, Valve has to update it in order to work properly with UWP, DXTory is a recommended overlay for UWP games.
  • Using Steam Link
    • Check the option "Streaming" mode inside the settings screen
  • Steam Deck?
    • This app is not compatible with the Steam Deck in any way.

If you are facing an error of any kind, please check the contents of the file

  • I have shortcuts from other application that broke when i used UWPHook
    • You can find a backup of your shortcuts.vdf file in %appdata%\Roaming\Briano\UWPHook\backups, each file in this directory is a backup of the original shortcuts.vdf before manipulation by UWPHook, the files are renamed {userid}_{timestamp}_shortcut.vdf, you can restore these files to their original location for usage.
  • My question isn't listed here!
    • Drop by our subreddit and ask a question over there, maybe someone will help you, i surely will as soon as i can:
    • Please also paste the contents of the file %appdata%Roaming\Briano\UWPHook\application.log so i can try to understand better the problem.


  • Clone project or forked project.
  • Install Visual Studio 2022 with .NET Framework 4.8.
  • Install SharpSteam by BrianLima and VDFParser and build.
  • If the project asks for the references for VDFParser and Sharpsteam, point it to the most recent build.
  • Press run!


The installer is built with NSIS, just run the script UWPHook.nsi and things should work. Modify any hardcoded paths to suit your setup. The installation consists of zipping the application and creating some of the paths for the user, since the application is mostly static/dynamic and does not depend a lot on where it is installed, the installer is made for convenience.


This software is open-source under the MIT License. It will mostly likely break withouth any heads up, since any API, file format, script and many other things used by it may be changed by Valve or Microsoft withouth prior notice.

I am not responsible if anything breaks.

If you like what i did with it and want to suport me, you can cheer me up at my Twitter or pay me a coffee via Paypal, it will help me to continue to build amazing open source tools for you!"

Thanks for your support, and game on!