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πŸ”— Add your Windows Store or UWP games to Steam
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Small project to link UWP games to Steam

If you want to add Windows Store Games to Steamyou need to do a bit of a warkaround because Steam can't see UWP apps, and there's a chance Steam won't show it on your "Currently playing" status. This app aims to simplify a little bit the process where it is possible by automating the scripting and launching of Windows Store apps and games.

To add UWP games to Steam

Download the latest version of UWPHook and store it somewhere on your PC.

Click "load installed UWP Apps", we will find every UWP app installed on your PC.

Select every app you want to add to Steam, change the name by doubleclicking the "name" collumn, press "Export selected apps to Steam" and boom, every app you selected will be added to Steam.

Close UWPHook, restart Steam, click play on your UWP game, and Steam will show your current game on your status as long as you are playing it!


  • Steam's Overlay isn't working!

  • Unfortunately, it's a Steam limitation, Valve has to update it in order to work properly with UWP, DXTory is a recommended overlay for UWP games.

  • Steam Link launches the game but input doesn't work!

  • Unfortunately, another limitation by Steam, i have some ideas as to why it isn't working, but i can't give an ETA for when i can fix this, or even if it's fixable on my end, since Valve didn't released the Link in Brazil and i can't get one to test.

  • Steam Controller isn't working

  • Another limitation by Steam, some people reported it works with "Desktop Mode" configuration, but i can't verify this.

  • My question isn't listed here!

  • Drop by our subreddit and ask a question over there, maybe someone will help you, i surely will as soon as i can


This software is open-source under the MIT License.

If you like what i did with it and want to suport me, you can cheer me up at my Twitter or pay me a coffee via Paypal, it will help me to continue to build amazing open source tools for you!"

Thanks for your support, and game on!

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