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yeehaw-matcher 🤠

Test that a string contains permutations of a yeehaw.

This module exports a named RegExp, yeehaw. A string will match a "yeehaw" if there are two words, optionally separated by non-word characters. A word is a string that starts with a 'y' or an 'h', followed by some variation of 'ee', 'aw', or 'ah' (at least one of each character is required).

There is a second RegExp, yeehawAll that can be used with String.prototype.match to find all "yee haws" in a string.


const { yeehaw, yeehawAll } = require('yeehaw-matcher');

yeehaw.test('yeehaw'); // true
yeehaw.test('yee haw'); // true
yeehaw.test('hee haw'); // true
yeehaw.test('boo, no fun'); // false
yeehaw.test('yehaw'); // false
yeehaw.test('yeeha'); // false
yeehaw.test('yh'); // false

'yee haw hee haw hee yah'.match(yeehawAll); // ['yee haw', 'hee haw', 'hee yah']

See the test file for more examples of valid and invalid strings.


Brandon Johnson's yeehaw table.

Lawful Neutral Chaotic
Good yeehaw heeyaw yeeyaw
Neutral yeeyee hawhaw yahyah
Evil hawyee yawhee heehaw