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THE DREAM (Goal): Build a new site for Opinicus Soaps

When my wife started her handmade soap company, Opinicus Soaps, she set up her website through a hosting/shop solution, and was forced to use their template to create her site. To create a better site, she turned to me to build one from scratch, using HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery.

THE THOUGHT PROCESS: Challenges I worked with my wife to collaboratively design a new website, utilizing the newest techonologies available in 2012. Navigation is tab-based, with multiple pages containing information on products, processes, and what current Renaissance Festival her shop is at. In addition, it looks to her separate store site where customers can purchase her products online.

THE BUILD: We had hoped that we'd be able to replace her existing website ( with the new one, we were ultimately unable to do so (her current provider doesn't support uploaded HTML, and still requires the use of their template).

Now, the site design is dated. However, as we explore more options with her current website provider, we may re-address this project using a more up-to-date design and the latest available web technologies.