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  • LinkedDeployments-Contributor assumes that the deployment account only has contributor rights to a specific resource group (or subscription). This is the more common deployment scenario.

  • LinkedDeployments-Owner assumes that the deployment account has owner rights to a subscription. This is a less common deployment scenario (possibly development environment) as that account will be highly privilaged and have access to all resource groups.

  • AzureRM.* PowerShell modules have been installed (or AZ.* modules with the Enable-AzureRMAlias command run).

Deployment steps

  1. Update each of the *.parameters.json files with the appropriate values.

  2. Upload the *.json and Update-AutomationAzureModulesForAccount.ps1 files to a blob storage account with public blob read access (for demo purposes only) granted.

    Note: A more secure approach would be to update the templateStorageContainerUriRoot and parametersStorageContainerUriRoot parameters in helloworldParent.parameters.json file to use a SAS token to the storage account instead of assigning public blob read access. This would require updating the SAS token frequently or using a long lived token.

  3. Update DeployTemplate-Contributor.ps1 or DeployTemplate-Owner.ps1 with the appropriate region, resource group name (only for Contributor scenario), and deployment name.

  4. Login to Azure PowerShell to the subscription desired.

  5. Run DeployTemplate-Contributor.ps1 or DeployTemplate-Owner.ps1 from the context of the folder desired.

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