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@@ -1,9 +1,3 @@
-I'll be releasing new documentation shortly ... everything should be *nearly* entirely backwards compatible ...
-if it's not, I'll document changes you need to make to use 0.2.0
= Rack::OAuth
Rack::OAuth is a Rack middleware for easily integrating OAuth into your Ruby web applications.
@@ -39,11 +33,20 @@ There are a number of defaults that can be overridden. Defaults can be viewed a
:login => '/path_that_will_goto_oauth_providers_login',
:redirect => '/path_to_redirect_to_after_oauth_authorization',
:session_key => 'name_of_session_variable_to_store_oauth_user_info_in',
- :rack_session => 'name_of_rack_session_variable',
- :json_parser => lambda {|json_string| return SomeParser.parse(json_string) }
+ :rack_session => 'name_of_rack_session_variable'
+The important thing to note is that, after you redirect to /oauth_login and the OAuth provider
+redirects back to your web application at /oauth_complete, you can gain access to the user's
+access token. This is what lets you make requests to Twitter and whatnot to post tweets or
+merely get the user's information.
+The easiest way to do this is to include the Rack::OAuth::Methods module in your ApplicationController,
+if you're using Rails, or your helpers block, if you're using Sinatra or ... wherever. Once you've done
+that, you can just call #get_access_token to get the access token. For example, if you want to get the
+user's twitter profile information you can:
+ json = get_access_token.get('/account/verify_credentials.json').body
=== Notes
Rack::OAuth was created to work with Twitter OAuth and has, thus far, only been tested using Twitter's OAuth. If this doesn't work for you for a different OAuth provider, please let me know! Or, if you patch Rack::OAuth to support another provider, please send me a pull request with the patch.
-Also, I haven't added any specs yet. My bad.

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