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<Vulnerability id="cmty-ssh-eaton-privkey" published="2018-07-18" added="2018-07-18" modified="2018-08-28" version="2.0">
<name>Eaton power management SSH authentication bypass Vulnerability</name>
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<p>Eaton Power Xpert Meters are used across industries for energy management,
monitoring circuit loading, and identifying power quality problems.
Meters running firmware 12.x.x.x or below version 13.3.x.x and below ship with
a public/private key pair on Power Xpert Meter hardware that allows
passwordless authentication to any other affected Power Xpert Meter.
The vendor recommends updating to Version or above. As the key is
easily retrievable, an attacker can use it to gain unauthorized remote
access as uid0 </p>
<SolutionRef id="cmty-ssh-eaton-privkey-workaround"/>
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