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#How to install and use

  • Make sure you got Node installed:
  • Clone the repo down to your local drive:
  • git clone
  • Run npm install - installs required dependencies for this project
  • Run node index.js
  • Open browser on smart device and navigate to your nodejs server. IE: localhost:3000
  • Have fun controlling mouse on desktop from your smartphone... preferably from your couch !
  • profit
  • :)


  • Find a fine name for da projæcts ... mayn. - V.O.I.D. = Virtual Online Input Device ??
  • Remove node modules as dependencies (check)
  • Code move of mouse part - maybe use fancy RobotJS ? (check)
  • Refactor eventlisteners for mousemove and touchmove - one listener - more generic (check)
  • Switch over to use relative movement instead of absolute positioning. (check)