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BRICKS4US Smart Contract

Contracts Description

These contracts are used for the Pre-ICO and ICO of the new Bricks4us cryptocurrency.

Website :

Bricks4us Description

BRICKS4US is the cryptocurrency that revolutionizes the real estate in Latin America, it will allow the integration of construction companies, landowners, service providers and real estate products and cryptocurrency investors for the creation of the first housing rental network that will offer innovative housing units taking advantage of all the benefits of the union of software, hardware, communications and Blockchain technology.

Use of Token

Bricks4us allows the participation of crypto currency investors in real estate projects, as well as the purchase and sale of services and products related to the real estate sector through smart contracts in the public Blockchain accounts of Ethereum through the Token Bricks4us, thus evidencing two (2) scenarios for the use of the cryptocurrency:

  • Cryptocurrency Investment : Bricks4us is an inclusive cryptocurrency that allows real estate agents to participate in the different real estate projects through the transformation of their services, products, capital and land in Bricks4us; each organization or natural person will present their products, services and/or land to be evaluated and valued by specialized entities affiliated to Bricks4us and will receive the corresponding Token contribution in their Ethereum account; likewise, traditional cryptocurrency investors (Capital) can do it.
  • Transactions : The complete integration of real estate agents within the Bricks4us housing rental network allows a broad spectrum for commercial and administrative transactions, as well as scheduled cleaning services, laundry, rent lease, administration and other items may be paid through Bricks4usTokens.

Bricks4us Smart Contracts

Systems involved

  • Main Registry : Capture of basic contact information, information exchange and user recognition.
  • KYC/AML process : Standard validation for the identification of people and origin of resources for participation as a cryptocurrency investor.
  • Token Purchase : System based on Blockchain technology for the purchase and sale of Bricks4us Tokenfrom the public accounts of Ethereum.

System Characteristics

  • Security : System that benefits from the experience of Blockchain technology and intelligent contracts to be applied and adapted to the Bricks4usinternal software, as well as tools such as KYC/AML to guarantee security against the participants as cryptocurrency investors.
  • Traceability : Capture of internal relevant data that will allow tracking due to processes, records and interactions with the system.
  • Audit : Reports and statements that allow not only to see results of the management within the system, but also to validate the internal characteristics of the system.
  • Configuration : A configurable system that allows modifications to be made by country, region, types of investors and other relevant variables for a dynamic and flexible system.
  • Update : It allows adaptation to new programming languages or information technologies according to advances in time.

Objectives of the publication of the code

  • Testing : Validate the functionality, congruence and resultsof the code; complete elimination of errors.
  • Audit : Allow adaptation to popular and proven tools for scanning the correct operation.
  • Adaptation : That the code allows its update in order to add more functions to the Token in the future.
  • Security : A code written with the best practices developed over the years by the Ethereum community.


  • Cryptocurrency Investment : Cryptocurrency participation in any Bricks4us model.

Audit Token