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Drain the Oceans

A simulation of the ocean draining from the Marianas Trench (or any other location) using a scanline flood fill algorithm adapted for geospatial use.

Drain the Ocean

TODO: Clean up all of the below

Generate Flood Fill Masks

sbt "run --job generateFloodFillMasks --x 19353 --y 4716 --output_path [output_directory]"

Combine Water

sbt "run --job combineWater --water_a [base_directory]/OceanLakes/OceansLakes.tif --water_b [base_directory]/ETOP_CleanedProcessed_00070.tif --elev 70 --output_path [output_directory]"

Generate Base Layer PNG

sbt "run --job generatePngs --base_raster [base_directory]/ETOP_Cleaned.tif --output_path [output_directory]"

Generate All Water PNGs

sbt "run --job generatePngs --output_path [output_directory]"

Process All PNGs

sbt "run --job processPngs --output_path [output_directory]"

Add Text to PNGs

sbt "run --job addText --output_path [output_directory]"

Find Min Location

sbt "run --job getMinLoc --elev_raster [base_directory]/ETOP_Cleaned.tif"