Produces line maps showing how far locations are from places of interest like hospitals, libraries, art galleries, etc.
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LICENSE Complete small scale grid. Dec 22, 2013

Lonely Places

NOTE: Lots more documentation needed.

Extracts location data about various place types from Google Places, and produces a line map showing how close a grid of locations are from these places.

Run in the following order, making adjustments to the variables at the top of each file to suit your needs:

  1. Scans the entire area you're looking at and records the location of the nearest place of interest.
  2. Separates data into separate files if you run the Google Places scan using multiple "place types"
  3. Imports your place data into a MySQL database and de-duplicates any place locations.
  4. Finds the nearest location of interest for every point on a grid. Uses data in MySQL database and outputs a CSV.
  5. map-places.R: Maps the data produced in step 4.