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Use your IAM role (from instance metadata) to open the AWS console
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Holochrome is a chrome extension that allows you to easily log in and switch between your AWS accounts using a single key stroke. It is built on top of the aws instance metadata service and therefore encourages security best practices by completely removing the need for static, long-lived credentials. The AWS console session is granted the exact same permissions as the IAM role available via the metadata service.

How do I get it?

Chrome: Chrome Web Store

Firefox: Mozilla Add-on Store

How do I use it?

Either click the icon or use the keyboard shortcut:

Mac: Cmd+Shift+1

Win: Ctrl+Shift+1

The keyboard shortcut is a 'global' listener which will bring Chrome into focus once pressed.

Chrome allows you to modify the keyboard shortcut on the chrome://extensions page. Check out this guide for more details.

How do I get the instance metadata service?

If you run a machine in AWS with an IAM role, it will exist by default and things should run smoothly.

If you want to leverage Holochrome on your local development machine, check out AdRoll's Hologram.


Follow the Chrome Development Guidelines for loading an unpacked extension. Target the inner holochrome/ folder.

To run tests:

cd test && npm install && npm test


  1. Rotate session seamlessly without being logged out
  2. Potentially support the default credential provider chain to allow the AWS console to more closely mimic other AWS services.
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