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Huginn is a minimalistic and responsive theme for Hugo static site generator. It was once developed for Pelican based on the work of iKevinY with his theme pneumatic.

The theme is mainly tailored for my needs but I will try to make it more stateless in order to be used without any fuss by others.

As of today Huginn supports :

  • Responsive design (using media queries)
  • Hugo builtin functions such as
    • Table of Content (automatically added if your post contains headers)
    • Related Content
    • Rss feeds (tweaked layout to allow full-text rendering)
  • Javascript lightbox powered by baguetteBox.js
  • A lightbox shortcode for simple one-image display
  • A gallery partial to display a nice gallery at the end of your post
  • Displaying a link and the name of a song you were listening at while writing a post (activated in frontmatter with song: [title](link))
  • A comments partial for real static comments, powered by yaml files.


This shortcode uses the Page Bundle function introduced in Hugo 0.32, make sure to be aware of it when playing with lightbox.

The lightbox shortcode is pretty simple and looks like this :

{{ $img := (.Page.Resources.ByType "image").GetMatch ( printf "images/lightbox/%s*" (.Get "img"))  }}
{{ $align := (.Get "align") }}
{{ .Scratch.Set "image" ($img.Resize "256x q80") }}
{{ $scaled := .Scratch.Get "image" }}  
<a href="{{ $img.RelPermalink }}">
  <img class="thumbnail {{ with $align }}{{ . }}{{ end }}" src="{{ $scaled.Permalink }}">

All you have to do is to make sure that your thumbnail has the same filename that the full one only with the addition of the suffix -thumb before the extension. The shortcode only needs two parameters :

Parameters Description
img="" Filename to your image. (no .extension required)
align="" If you want to align the image on the left side or the right side of the content block.If none is specified the image is automatically centered in the block.


Page-Bundle required

The gallery partial is even more simple. All you have to do is put your images in images/gallery and ... here you are, with images at the end of your post.

<div class="gallery">
{{ with .Resources.Match "images/gallery/*.*" }}
{{ range . }}
{{ $scaled := .Resize "256x q80" }}
<div class="gallery-item">
<a href="{{ .RelPermalink }}">
<img class="thumbnail" src="{{ $scaled.Permalink }}">
{{ end }}
{{ end }}


Static comment system based on .yaml files with the same filename that posts and stored in data/comments



  • id: "1" name: "John Doe" date: "03-01-2018 website: "https://gohugo.io" body: | Wow a markdown comment !

  • id: "2" name: "John Double" date: "03-01-2018" body: | And there you are.


    • replyid: "2.1" replyname: "Reply Man" replydate: "03-01-2018" replybody: | An answer arrives !