A variety of demo projects built on App Cloud.
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App Cloud Demos

This repository contains a variety of App Cloud code samples that can be previewed in Google Chrome or in the App Cloud Workshop app for iOS or Android.

See the App Cloud docs, App Cloud Developer Blog, and App Cloud discussion group for more information about any of the techniques you see here.

Additional code samples are available in the App Cloud SDK, which can be downloaded from App Cloud Studio.


  • apps-on-tap: Demonstrates how to create a fully formed, cross-platform phone app using multiple views and multiple data services.

  • authentication: Demonstrates one way to implement authentication and authorization via a REST API.

  • dual-screen-video: Demonstrates how to create a dual-screen video app for Apple TV.

  • dual-screen-web: Demonstrates how to create a dual-screen web app for Apple TV.

  • file-download: Demonstrates how to download, retrieve and delete files on disk using bc.device.requestDownload() and associated methods and events.

  • geolocation: Demonstrates how to access the user's current position and plot it on a map.

  • i18n: Demonstrates multiple language support at the HTML layer using JavaScript templates, properties files, and parameterized content feeds.

  • media-upload: Demonstrates how to upload photos to a remote server using the methods and events of bc.device.mediaUpload.

  • news-reader: Demonstrates how to create a simple news view from an RSS feed.

  • orientation: Demonstrates how to alter a layout when switching between landscape and portrait modes using CSS3 Media Queries and the Flexible Box Model.

  • parameterized-feed: Demonstrates how to create a parameterized content feed using a weather API.

  • progressive-images: Demonstrates how to progressively load images as they come into view.

  • reading-list: Demonstrates how to save data in the cache and retrieve it for later use.

  • universal: Demonstrates one way to implement a "universal" app that works across phones and tablets.