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Internationalization (i18n)

This template demonstrates how to externalize language strings in the HTML layer using JavaScript templates, properties files, and parameterized content feeds.

Core Concepts

  • Using Markup.js to generate HTML on the fly from strings stored in external text files
  • Using Markup.js to populate the UI with language-specific strings (also stored in external text files)
  • Loading language-specific content by passing a language code to a parameterized content feed


To change the language, first update the language code on line 1 of app.js. Acceptable values for this demo are "en", "es" and "ja".

Then specify the appropriate locale file in manifest.json (defaults to ./txt/locales/en.txt).

The content feed defined in manifest.json points to Google News RSS. If you create your own copy of this feed in App Cloud Studio, replace hl=en with hl={"lang":"en"}.

Note, native UI components (e.g. navigation icons) cannot be translated at this time.

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