Emulates the device experience in a browser environment for faster and further development and testing.
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App Cloud Emulator


App Cloud Emulator is a tool for encouraging in-browser development of App Cloud apps. It emulates a native device (as much as possible) so most development can be in-browser leading to faster turn-around and better tools.


  • Displays your application inside the device with the same resolution as on-device.
  • Toggle between portrait and landscape orientations. Change in orientation triggers the same JS events the device API would normally.
  • Toggle between iPhone and Android devices (back button support for Android).
  • Support for tap/click and scroll (provided by default).
  • Buttons for firing swipe left/right events on the current view.
  • Access to all views included in the manifest.xml with icon (if provided).
  • Access to the App Cloud API object via the JavaScript console.
  • Easy installation: just drop it in your application root. Only used in development and doesn't have any effect on production (other than the file size which is about ~500KB total).

See this video to see it in action.


  1. Download the zip file and extract into your app root
  2. Go to /emulator/ at your application root URL
  3. Enjoy!

Note that many (read: all) apps need to be able to make AJAX requests cross-domain (either to Brightcove or elsewhere) which is, by default, disable in the browser. For Chrome, start up with the --disable-web-security flag:

$ /Applications/Google\ Chrome.app/Contents/MacOS/Google\ Chrome --disable-web-security

Access to the Brightcove API

The 'bc' object in the frame is made available in the outer frame. Try it out in the JavaScript console in your browser: