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Introduction Version 1.0

Hello and Welcome to the BrightAction SDK- an ActionScript SDK for working with the Brightcove Media APIs.

BrightAction makes working with the Brightcove Media APIs easier by abstracting away the following common tasks:

  • JSON Parsing
  • URL Query String contstruction
  • De-Serializing Data back from JSON into ActionScript objects
  • Self-Documenting the code

File Guide

There are three projects contained in this distribution which will allow you to update and build the BrightAction source, run the tests and see some examples:

  • brightaction This is the main source project.

    • Main SWC - brightaction\dist\brightaction.swc
    • Class Documentation - brightaction\dist\doc\index.html
    • Source Code - brightaction\src
  • brightactionT This contains all of the FlexUnit tests testing Brightaction

  • brightaction-examples Some simple examples of BrightAction in Action.

alt text