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An extension to Coda Hale's excellent Metrics library. It provides GraphitePickleReporter, which allows your application to stream metric values to a Graphite server using graphite's pickle receiver. This is recommended if sending large amounts of data:

GraphitePickleReporter.enable(1, TimeUnit.MINUTES, "", 2004);

Setting up Maven

To add metrics-graphite-pickle to your project:


Change Log


  • Stop using jython for metrics pickling. Hand-coded minimal pickling of the primitive data types. Jython unpickling remains in use during tests.


  • Modify the GraphitePickleReporter to use executor.scheduleAtFixedRate rather than executor.scheduleWithFixedDelay (will be unnecessary after upgrading to metrics 3.0.0)
  • Upgrade to metrics-core-2.2.0
  • Upgrade to metrics-graphite-2.2.0
  • Upgrade to jython-standalone-2.5.3
  • Upgrade to slf4j 1.7.2


  • Fixed a bug where a null prefix caused the last word in a metric name to be lost in some cases (e.g. 'mean')
  • Upgrade to metrics-graphite-2.1.3


  • Move the creation of MetricsPickler back into the run method but use a synchronized method to ensure it is only created once. This improves startup time by a few seconds in some cases.


  • Moved the creation of the jython script engine out of the reporter's "run" method. This should fix a memory leak caused by ThreadLocal entries that never got cleaned up.
  • Upgrade to metrics-graphite 2.1.2


  • Changed encoding to ISO-8859-1 to match the python default


  • Fixed a bug where a batchSize passed to enable was ignored.
  • Recreates the socket on each batch to prevent reaching the 100K byte limit (and a broken pipe)


Initial release.