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RabbitMQ Configuration

Getting your application to interact with RabbitMQ using Brighter is a trivial task. Simply add the <rmqMessagingGateway/> section in your configuration file and ensure that an instance of RmqMessageProducer is being used when building the command processor.

The available configuration options are:

  • amqpUri: Describes how to connect to RabbitMQ
    • uri: A uri in the format amqp://{user}:{password}@{host}:{port}/{vhost}. Default uri is amqp://guest:guest@localhost:5672/%2f.
    • connectionRetryCount: The retry count for when a connection fails. Default count is 3 retries.
    • retryWaitInMilliseconds: The time in milliseconds to wait before retrying to connect again. Default duration is 1000 ms.
    • circuitBreakTimeInMilliseconds: The time in milliseconds to keep the circuit broken. Default duration is 60000 ms.
  • exchange: Describes where messages are sent
    • name: The name of the exchange.
    • type: The type of the exchange. Can be one of:
      • direct (default)
      • fanout
      • headers
      • topic
    • durable: Indicates whether the exchange is durable. Default value is false.
  • queues: Defines general settings for queues
    • highAvailability: Indicates whether all queues should be mirrored across all nodes in the cluster. Default value is false.
    • qosPrefetchSize: Allows you to limit the number of unacknowledged messages on a channel (or connection) when consuming (aka "prefetch count"). Default count is 1.

Here's an example of an App.config file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
        <section name="rmqMessagingGateway" type="paramore.brighter.commandprocessor.messaginggateway.rmq.MessagingGatewayConfiguration.RMQMessagingGatewayConfigurationSection, paramore.brighter.commandprocessor.messaginggateway.rmq" />
        <amqpUri uri="amqp://guest:guest@localhost:5672/%2f" connectionRetryCount="3" retryWaitInMilliseconds="1000" circuitBreakTimeInMilliseconds="60000" />
        <exchange name="" type="direct" durable="false" />
        <queues highAvailability="false" qosPrefetchSize="1" />