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"The reflex is then an automatic response to a stimulus that does not receive or need conscious thought."

Reflex is our tool to handle various git repository administration so that us humans don't have to.


python develop


Reflex adds the reflex command to your command line which can be used to help make the release process easier, such as automatically creating and closing release/hotfix branches. There are also some helpers involved which make sure that releases happen in order and are not duplicated, ect.

To create a brand new release branch simply run

reflex 1.0.1 --release --repo

This will create a branch with all of the changes in develop onto a branch named test-1.0.1. This is the release branch which developers can begin testing and bugfixes on.

After a release branch is deemed 'releasable' and all of the bugs that have been found have been fixed in it you can close the release branch with reflex again.

reflex 1.0.1 --close --repo

This command automatically merges the test-1.0.1 branch into master and then into develop to make sure that all changes are picked up everywhere. It also creates a release-1.0.1 tag on the master branch's merge commit. If all is successful it also deletes the test-1.0.1 branch since it is no longer needed.

Reflex also works to make hotfix branches as well.

reflex 1.0.2 --hotfix --repo
# Add hotfix changes to `test-1.0.2`
reflex 1.0.2 --close --repo

If you would like to no longer specify the --repo flag you may also set the REPO environment variable.

export REPO=''
reflex 1.0.5 --release  # Automatically acts on the reflex repo

If working on a repo which does not use the default branch names for its 'production' (defaults to master) and 'development' (defaults to develop) environments you must specify the different branches as the --production-branch and --development-branch options on the command line like so.

reflex --production-branch stable --development-branch development 1.2.0 --hotfix