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Where to find existing Web Components

Dave Lockhart edited this page Jul 20, 2018 · 3 revisions

We hope to one day have a catalogue of all our web components with inline documentation and interactive demos, coupled with a wish list of components that have yet to be built.

Until we do, finding a shared component and figuring out if it meets your needs can be a challenge. Here are the best places to look:

BrightspaceUI GitHub


This is where most reusable "design" web components should eventually end up. They all have corresponding designs on design.d2l, have well thought-out names & attributes, are highly accessible, localized and have good test coverage and documentation.


Brightspace Hypermedia Components GitHub


For Application Web Components, this is the place to be. These components are all meant to be hooked up to one of our hypermedia APIs, and the repos are organized by entity.


Brightspace GitHub


This is a catch-all, so finding what you're looking for here may be a challenge. Often these web components don't have a vetted design or may have been built for a narrower use case.

But don't despair! Maybe you can pick one of these up and take it the last mile to living in BrightspaceUI or BrightspaceHypermediaComponents.

To narrow your search, it may be helpful to filter the repos to those tagged with "web-components" or tagged with "Polymer".

#web-platform Slack channel

The #web-platform channel on Slack is a great place to ask about whether a component exists yet.

slack logo

Maybe an existing component is called something unexpected, or someone else is in the process of building the same thing and would like to collaborate.

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