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Wiring up to locally run a web component & BSI on your dev LMS

Josh Roach edited this page Dec 14, 2018 · 2 revisions

If you're working on a web component that will be integrated with the LMS via BSI (brightspace-integration), then these instructions are for you!

This will allow you to serve the local version of your web component, via BSI, to your local dev LMS, without having to push to master, publish releases, and update version numbers.

These steps assume you have:

  • Your component checked out locally and built
  • BSI checked out locally and built
  • An open bash shell (or equivalent)
  1. Run bower link in the root directory of your component. This will register a local link for the name of your component specified in the name tag of the bower.json file.
  2. Run bower link <component name from step 1> in the root directory of BSI. For more info, check out bower link docs
  3. Add a line to \web-components\bsi.html in BSI to import your component. For example:

<link rel="import" href="../bower_components/<repo-name>/<component-name>.html">

  1. Run npm run serve in BSI
  2. Update D2L.LP.Web.UI.Html.Bsi.config.json in <instance>\config\Infrastructure to point to your local BSI:

"daylight-polymer-1": ""

  1. Restart IIS
  2. Use your component in the LMS
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