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Size: 18px x 18px

Icon Name Icon Name Icon Name
accelerator eportfolio plus-default
access-special event-log plus-large-thick
add-file exemption-add plus-large
add-message exemption-remove preview
add-to-lor export print
add-user external profile-default
add feed profile-pic
alarmbell feedback publish-to-lor
alert file-archive quicklink
arrow-collapse-small file-audio quizzing
arrow-collapse file-document read-unread
arrow-expand-small file-image read
arrow-expand file-presentation reading
arrow-thin-down file-video redo
arrow-thin-left filter reflection
arrow-thin-right flag-filled refresh
arrow-thin-up flag-hollow release-conditions
arrow-toggle-down folder-up-level remove-user
arrow-toggle-up folder reorder
assignments forms repeat
attach forward replied
attendance fullscreen reply
awards game reporting
binder gear reports
blocked glossary resize-left
blog google-drive resize-right
book-management grabber-small reverse-order
bookmark-filled grabber role-switch
bookmark-hollow grade-remove rss
broken-link grade-visible rubric-graded
browser grade rubric
bullet group-locker save
bullseye group scorm
calculate help search
calendar history seating
change-file home self-assessment
chat import send
check-circle important share-parent-filled
check insights-portal share-parent-hollow
checklist link share
chevron-down-medium list-view smallscreen
chevron-down-thin location sort-type
chevron-down locations spellcheck
chevron-left lock-locked style
chevron-right lock-unlock subscribe-filled
chevron-up locker subscribe-hollow
class lor support
classlist low-priority surveys
close-circle manage-dates-edit syllabus
close-default manage-dates-offset table-of-contents
close-large-thick manage-dates tag-hollow
close-large manage-files tag
close-small manual-run tile-view
comment-filled menu-hamburger time
comment-hollow messages tools
contacts mic topic-last
copy more turnitin
course-tile-sort move-down unapproved
coursebuilder move-to undo
delete move-up unsaved
disable my-computer upload
discussions navigate user-competencies
divider-solid new-window user-progress
dot news visibility-conditional
download no-entry visibility-hide
draft one-drive visibility-show
dragger online-rooms volume
edit-bulk online widgets
edit outcomes wizard
email-read password zoom-in
email pic zoom-out
enable pin-filled    
enrollment pin-hollow    


Size: 24px x 24px

Icon Name Icon Name Icon Name
accelerator email preview
add-file eportfolio print
add-message feedback profile-default
add-to-lor file-archive profile-pic
add-user file-audio project
add file-document publish-to-lor
alarmbell file-image quicklink
alert file-presentation quiz-submissions
arrow-collapse file-video quizzing
assignments filter read-unread
attach flag-fill read
attendance flag-hollow reading
awards folder reflection
binder forms refresh
blocked fullscreen release-conditions
blog game remove-user
book-management gear reorder
bookmark-filled glossary reply-all
bookmark-hollow google-drive reply
broken-link grade reporting
browser help rss
bullseye history rubrics
calculate home save
calendar insights-portal scorm
capture link search
change-file location seating
chat locations self-assessment
check-box-unchecked lock-unlocked send
check-box lock share
check-circle locker smallscreen
check lor style
checklist manage-dates subscribe-filled
chevron-down manage-files subscribe-hollow
chevron-left media surveys
chevron-right menu-hamburger syllabus
chevron-up message-new table-of-contents
classlist messages tag
contacts mic time
content move-down tools
copy move-to topic-last
course-tile-sort move-up unapproved
coursebuilder navigate undo
delete news unsaved
discussions one-drive upload
divider-big online-rooms user-competencies
divider online user-progress
dot outcomes viewed-notviewed
download password visibility-hide
draft pic visibility-show
edit pin-filled volume
email-open pin-hollow wizard


Size: 30px x 30px

Icon Name Icon Name Icon Name
alert course-progress-not-started notification-bell
assignments discussions pause-borderless
bookmark download pause
bullseye email-open pic
calendar email play-borderless
chat file-presentation play
check-circle game preview
chevron-down gear profile-default
chevron-left-circle google-drive profile-pic
chevron-left grade quizzing
chevron-right-circle help rubric-graded
chevron-right home rubric
chevron-up image scorm
classes lock-unlocked search
close-thick lock stop-borderless
close menu-hamburger stop
course-progress-complete menu syllabus
course-progress-in-progress news upload


Size: 18px x 18px

Icon Name Icon Name Icon Name
accessibility-check insert-attributes table-cell-properties
align-center insert-emoticon table-cell-split
align-full italic table-column-insert-after
align-left link table-column-insert-before
align-right list-bullet table-column-remove
bold list-ordered table-delete
cut media table-properties
direction-ltr new-line table-row-copy
direction-rtl paste table-row-cut
equation-graphical-chemistry source-editor table-row-insert-after
equation-graphical spellcheck table-row-insert-before
equation-latex strikethrough table-row-paste-above
equation-mathml subscript table-row-paste-below
image superscript table-row-properties
indent-decrease symbol table-row-remove
indent-increase table-cell-merge underline


Size: 18px x 18px

Icon Name Icon Name Icon Name
angry lol sad
happy meh shout
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