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All correspondence with speakers
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The comms service has two endpoints, one for getting all correspondence and one for getting the last contact date for each thing contacted.


Request format

Perform a HTTP GET request to [service-url:8080]/last-contacted

Response Format

    "email-address" : "last-contacted-date",

The date is in iso-8601 format.

Example response

    "" : "2004-01-30T05:00:01Z",
    "" : "2016-02-17T15:51:15Z",
    "" : "2016-03-07T12:45:04Z"


Request format Perform a HTTP GET request to [service-url:8080]/correspondence

Response Format

  "from"    : "sender-email-address"
  "to"      : "receiver-email-address"
  "date"    : "date of the message"
  "message" : "message sent"

The date is in iso-8601 format. The 'from' and 'to' fields may be set to 'Unknown' if we do not have an email address.

Example Response

  "from"    : ""
  "to"      : ""
  "date"    : "2016-03-30T14:10:21Z"
  "message" : "Hi Chris, I would like to do a Talk"

Comms needs some secret information that is not checked in. This consists of secrets.config

Secrets file

The secrets.config file should contain:

    <add key="AWSAccessKey" value="" />
    <add key="AWSSecretKey" value="" />

Running on linux.

To run easily on linux for local development you need to

1. Edit the app.config file if required.
2. Place the secrets.config file mentioned in the section above at `../configs/Comms.secrets.config` (a folder called configs at the same level as the top level comms repository folder)
3. Run `./`
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