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Upgrade your Canute 360 to the latest software

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20190911 Canute 360 upgrade


DO NOT APPLY THIS TO AN OLD PROTOTYPE CANUTE! Doing so will brick the machine. This is only intended for the production Canute 360. If in any doubt email or phone +44 (0)117 325 3022.

This upgrade improves book loading on the Canute 360. After upgrading you will notice that the Canute will smoothly load books, even if there are hundreds of books each thousands of pages long.

There are also bug fixes for incorrect page counts and the bookmark menu help text has been restored.

Please apply this upgrade to one machine first (to test whether it works) before rolling it out to others.



Download the files above to your local PC.

The three files are titled 'README.txt', 'sysupgrade' and 'system-v1.3.14.squashfs' (total of ~345MiB).

Copy the latter two onto a FAT32 formated USB stick or SD card. If in doubt use a small-volume USB stick as these are most likely to be formatted as FAT32.

Ensure your Canute 360 is turned off. Put the media in and turn it on using the switch at the back.

The Canute will now go through the upgrade procedure.

It should take roughly five minutes but if it takes longer let it run to at least 20 minutes to make sure.

The Canute will display messages informing you of upgrade progress.

Once it is done please make a local copy of the log file left on the SD card or USB stick you used for the upgrade.

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