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OB-USP-AGENT is a system daemon providing a User Services Platform (USP) Agent.
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Open Broadband-User Services Platform-Agent (OB-USP-Agent) is an open source project that is focused on creating a reference implementation of the User Services Platform (USP) specification from an "Agent" perspective. USP is a remote management and control protocol where management entities are separated between the Agent and the Controller. A USP Agent is responsible for exposing a set of "Service Elements" (essentially, a data model composed of objects and parameters that represent a specific set of functionality) for consumption by a Controller. While USP is capable of being used in many different environments, the home network is expected to be the most common environment, and in this environment a USP Agent would reside in a piece of Customer Premise Equipment (CPE), e.g. broadband home router, Wi-Fi access point, IoT gateway.

Quick Start

For build instructions, please refer to QUICK_START_GUIDE.


Thank you for your interest in contributing! Please refer to for guidance.

Wiki Access

Please also see our WIKI for more details about the project.

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