Worldpay Hosted Payments extended

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This is a small enhancement to Version 2.2 of the official osC Worldpay Hosted Payments Module.

The differences lie in the processing of shopper response and payment messages, to improve shopper experience and reduce admin overhead:

  • when the transaction is cancelled in Worldpay, the shopper is transferred back to the checkout payment page in osc
  • when the transaction is authorised, the payment message is decoded and fraud checking results are added to the order status. This saves logging into Worldpay to check each transaction before fulfilling the order.

Example of fraud checking info:

CVV: Matched
Postcode: Matched
Address: Matched
Country match: Matched
3D secure: Authenticated 


Changes to 2 files: extra processing in the callback file, and additional language definitions to support it.


The module file and its configuration variables are unchanged. However, there are new definitions in the language file. If you have previously changed the language file, reflect these edits in the new one before uploading.

  • If you are already running the standard module v2.2, you can overwrite the files and the additional processing will be run for the next Worldpay payment.
  • In the unlikely event you are running an earlier version of the standard module, it is important to visit the module configuration page to make sure new parameters are automatically installed in the database.
  • If you are installing for the first time, follow the excellent documentation for how to configure: the installed module provides a link to it in your admin, for now it's here on
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