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Brock Soicher MW 1-4 PM Spring Quarter

Face is first homework which is a face of spiderman

AnimHW is the second homework which is a bouncing ball that colors the screen cover time

Homework 3 is just that and has the Box2d and GUI addons which creates a rectangle and then has sliders to change its position and colors

CCProject 1 is the first project of my data visualization which is a project about displaying historical plagues/epidemics/genocides and the interesting stories and implications which can be found especially when you consider how some of the horrible events had been denied by governments who were to blame. (Move the mouse to move time ahead or press click to put it on auto, space bar to show off the data in different ways, and enter to show them all simultaneously)

Exercise 5 is the video grabber that messes with the pixels to create interesting distortions

Added my second project (CCProject2) which is uses a laser pointer, projector, and webcam to project onto the wall where the laser pointer should be to create a type of digital grafitti (To use the OSC in the project you must have the Touch OSC App and use the VizPod layout)


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