Moodle filesystem sync with FUSE
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Moodle filesystem sync with FUSE

Moodle is WIT`s online learning platform used in schools and universities all around the world. Uploading and downloading files from Moodle can take time for lecturers and students. It first involves logging into a web interface and uploading files individually.

MoodleFUSE aims to provide a simple way to map Moodle resources to a local filesystem. MoodleFUSE syncs a Moodle filesystem to a local FUSE filesystem. It then watches the new filesystem waiting for changes or modifications. When a change is detected in the FUSE filesystem MoodleFUSE performs the same operation to the remote Moodle file.

The list of supported operations is (Assuming appropriate user rights on Moodle):

  • Listing of courses
  • Listing of course sections
  • Addition of course sections
  • Listing of course files
  • Viewing of course files
  • Addition of course files
  • Deletion of course files
  • Renaming of course files
  • Modification of course files
  • Listing of assignments
  • Listing of assignment submissions
  • Viewing of assignment submissions
  • Grading of assignment submissions

User guide for MoodleFUSE can be viewed on the WIKI.