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  • npm install
  • create backend/secret.js as module.exports.apikey = 'yourapikey'; or export the env var API_KEY=""

Updating the data

npm run backend

parallel -eta convert {} {.}.jpg ::: dist/assets/*/*/*.png

Building the frontend

  • production: npm run build
  • development: npm run dev



The frontend is written with the Vue JavaScript framework and the Bulma CSS framework using Buefy, built by Webpack with Babel for cross browser support. It is hosted on GitHub pages.


backend flowchart

The /matches endpoint is called in equidistant intervals for a small set of matches. An hour of each set is aggregated and stored in a timestamped json. All timestamped jsons are aggregated and generate the output report json.

The code was written with Ramda as an excercise in functional programming with JavaScript.