Basic Cocoa helper functions for writing safe code.
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Core Objective-C/Cocoa utilities by Bromium Inc. Everything in here should not depend on AppKit or any third party libraries.


  • BRUARCUtils -- Helper macros like BRU_weakify and BRU_strongify that help with dealing with weak/strong variables.
  • BRUArithmetic -- Helper functions for safe (overflow-aware) arithmetic.
  • BRUAsserts -- Assertion macros.
  • BRUConcurrentBox -- A simple concurrency primitive to safely exchange data between threads.
  • BRUConcurrentVariable -- A simple concurrency primitive to safely access shared data from multiple threads.
  • BRUDeferred -- Deferred/promise implementation.
  • BRUDispatchUtils -- Helpers for GCD/libdispatch.
  • BRUEitherErrorOrSuccess -- A simple data type to represent failure or success of computations.
  • BRUFileMonitor -- A simple mechanism for monitoring file changes.
  • BRUMemoryRegion -- Safe memory region representation and methods.
  • BRUNullabilityUtils -- Nullability helpers.
  • BRURateLimiter -- Utility for rate limiting operations.
  • BRUResourceCleanup -- An helper object to handle resource cleanup if a sequence of resource acquiring operations fails midway.
  • BRURetry -- Utility class for managing the lifecycle of retryable actions.
  • BRUSetDiffFormatter -- Helper function to calculate and format a diff of sets.
  • BRUTask -- An drop-in NSTask replacement.
  • BRUTemporaryFiles -- Temporary file and directory utilities.
  • BRUTimer -- An NSTimer replacement built on top of GCD/libdispatch.


BSD 2-Clause, for details see LICENSE.