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Laravel ongkir provide the use of raja ongkir API in Laravel 5.



1) To install laravel-ongkir, add the following code to composer.json. Then run composer update:

"bronanza/laravel-ongkir": "dev-master"

2) Open your config/app.php and add the following code to provider:


3) Run the command below to publish package config file config/ongkir.php

php artisan vendor:publish

4) You can fill api key for laravel ongkir in config/ongkir.php


return [
    'api' => '',
    'apiKey' => '12kasjdaksdqpwepqwoepqwoe',
    'originCityId' => 151, // Jakarta Barat Based on RajaOngkir API
    'couriers' => [
        'jne'  => 'JNE',
        'tiki' => 'TIKI'


1) Add the following code in your class file:

use Bronanza\LaravelOngkir\Ongkir;

2) Now you can use Laravel-Ongkir:

namespace App\Http\Controllers;

use App\Http\Controllers\Controller;
use Bronanza\LaravelOngkir\Ongkir;

class TestController extends Controller
    private $laravelOngkir;

    public function __construct(Ongkir $ongkir)
        $this->laravelOngkir = $ongkir;

    public function getAllAvailableProvinces()
        return $this->laravelOngkir->getAllAvailableProvinces();

    public function getAllAvailableCities()
        return $this->laravelOngkir->getAllAvailableCities();

    public function getAvailableCities()
        return $this->laravelOngkir->getAvailableCities("5");

    public function getCosts()
        return $this->laravelOngkir->getCosts("501", "114", 1700, "jne");


  1. getAllAvailableProvinces() — use this method to get all available provinces in Indonesia.
  2. getAllAvailableCities() — use this method to get all available cities in Indonesia.
  3. getAvailableCities() — use this method to get available cities for the given province code. This method need 1 paramater:
    • string provinceCode - Province ID in Indonesia
  4. getCosts() — use this method to get shipment cost based on weight and location. This method need 4 parameter:
    • string originId - city origin
    • string rajaongkirCityId - city destination
    • int weight - shipment weight in gram
    • string courier - the available courier code: jne, pos, tiki.