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Setup Instructions:

prerequisites: have npm and node.js installed

clone this repo: git clone

cd into the repo: cd CS490

run npm install to install concurrently

cd into the client folder and install the client side dependencies (mainly react): cd client && npm install

cd into the server folder and install the server side dependencies: cd server && npm install

Repo structure:

There's a folder for the client side code (based off of create-react-app) and a folder for the server side code (node.js and express, nothing fancy)

Idk what else you want.

Development Instructions

run npm run dev in the top level folder to start the client && server side code concurrently

If you add any dependencies client or server side, make sure to save them into the respective package.json so you don't fuck over the next person who tries to set up this project but can't do it because they can't install whatever you added with npm install.

(i.e. use npm i -S <whatever package you need>)

Deployment Instructions

deployment is done through heroku. create a heroku account, and ask me to add you to the access settings.

ensure you have heroku as one of your remotes. if not, run git remote add heroku

then, after you've committed your changes, run git push heroku master to push to the heroku remote and trigger a build + redeploy.

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