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Brown University Library discovery tool. This is a Blacklight application that integrates data from our catalog (Sierra), journals (via EBSCO), and Brown's institutional repository (BDR) into a single discovery interface.


If you are new to Blacklight, read the Blacklight Quickstart to become familiar with the project. We are using Blacklight 5.x

Download and install Ruby 2.3.5:

brew install ruby-install
brew install chruby
ruby-install ruby 2.3.5
chruby 2.3.5

Download and install Solr 7, create a Solr core for our data, and customize the schema for this project (via the script in bul-traject)

curl >
cd ./solr-7.5.0/bin
./solr start
./solr create -c josiah7

curl >
chmod u+x


Download and install the source code:

git clone
cd bul-search
bundle install
bundle exec rake db:create
bundle exec rake db:migrate

Update the .env file to point to your Solr URL

echo "export SOLR_URL=http://localhost:8983/solr/josiah7" >> .env

Running the application

bundle exec rails server

Visit the catalog at http://localhost:3000/catalog

Sample Records

We use traject to import data into Solr. You can mimic our setup by using traject in your local environment as follows:

# Get the code for our traject project
git clone
cd bul-traject
bundle install

# Import a sample file
bundle exec traject -c config.rb -u http://localhost:8983/solr/josiah7 /path/to/bul-search/data/bul_sample.mrc

# Commit the data to Solr
curl "http://localhost:8983/solr/josiah7/update?commit=true"

# Confirm there is data in Solr
curl "http://localhost:8983/solr/josiah7/select?q=*%3A*&wt=json&indent=true"

You can pass the --debug-mode flag to Traject if you just want to see what will be imported but not import it to Solr.

Sample Records (without Traject)

If you want to skip Traject for testing purposes you can use the Solr post utility to import the sample data directly into Solr:

cd bul-search
post -c josiah7 ./data/bul_sample.json

Unit tests

There is a rudimentary set of tests to validate a few classes. Take a look at the ./test folder or you can run them via:

bundle exec rake josiah:tests


By default the development environment uses MySQL so that it matches with what we use in production. If you switch to SQLite for development (by updating config/database.yml) beware that you might get a slightly different schema.rb file after running rake db:migrate. You should discard those changes with git checkout -- schema.rb so that you don't accidentally commit them to the repository.

Articles (EDS)

If you wish to include articles in the results you will need to set the following settings in your .env file:


Bento Box

The working name for this app/project is easySearch.

Locally the Bento Box is available at: http://localhost:3000/easy/

At present, the Bento Box queries EDS and the local Solr index for data.

The model code is in app/models/easy.rb and the JavaScript for now is in app/views/easy/home.html.erb.