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xiwcx commented Mar 4, 2014

I ran in to a problem where typekit won't serve fonts because it needs some part of the address to be reliable. was the answer to that problem, but now if a server opens in the browser at i have to manually add, which is not the end of the world, but I can see it adding confusion down the road with other developers on my team. It would be great if this functionality could be added or—if this is already possible—if the functionality could be documented.



That's an interesting problem.

Are you using the server, proxy or just the snippet?

xiwcx commented Mar 4, 2014

I'm using the static server to build a living styleguide (so the fonts are important). More or less using the plugin out of the box:

                    src: [
                    watchTask: true
                        baseDir: '.docs'

Just looked at - that's a pretty cool service. I could easily add an option for this.

xip: true

I think I'll put this in the next release - thanks for bringing it to my attention!

xiwcx commented Mar 4, 2014

That's fantastic, thanks for responding so quickly!


Does this seem like it would work for you?

xiwcx commented Mar 9, 2014

Hey, I had some thoughts on this, I'm sorry I didn't write them down sooner as I didn't realize you would be so on top of this.

1.) It might make sense to have something more open ended like a string called "append". Instead of a boolean called "xip":

     append: ''

This might help future proof the feature if alternate services arise or potentially replace Obviously, I'm not picky about this and you should do what you think is best, I just thought it might save you additional work down the road.

2.) The more time I've spent working on my project, I've noticed that if i'm using instead of browsing and scrolling are still synced, but livereload only works the first time and subsequent livereloads result in a white page. If you then manually refresh the browser the changes show up. You might want to test this out yourself before you push the changes.

Just wanted to make those notes, but otherwise that solution looks great and would definitely work for me.


Haha! I like to implement other people's ideas as soon as possible with the hope of increasing community contributions/ideas :)

  1. totally agree on that idea.
  2. will look into this - the next release is a full re-write so many bugs like this will be squashed.

In version 0.7.0 now with either

hostnameSuffix: ""

or simply

xip: true
@shakyShane shakyShane closed this Mar 9, 2014

Is this suppose to work with local addresses?
It seems typekit isn't loading for my local network even when using this...

I have added * to my typekit settings and enabled xip: true in my gulp file.

My local address on the network is, when accessing this from my machine it's fine, from any other machine on the network it doesn't load typekit.

Any insights? Has this functionality changed?

xiwcx commented Jan 21, 2015

Yes, @DanielTate, the exclusive purpose is to work with LAN addresses. Let me know if you've followed all of the steps in this article:

If you have, I'm not quite sure what could be going wrong, but I'll try to think of something.


I ran into a similar problem, tried the settings for *, localhost, but it didn't work. Long story short if you are using Adblock and Ghostery plugins in your browser make sure you disable/whitelist the domain you are using for your local development as in my case Ghostery was the culprit and was blocking Typekit. Now my Typekit fonts show up in my local development with or without the * setting in my gulpfile.js or typekit domain.

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