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An open-source, browser-based plain text editor built entirely with HTML, CSS and JavaScript:

Browserpad will always be a plaintext editor: no Markdown/HTML preview, no WYSIWIG, no rich text editing. Think a browser-based notepad with a few extra text manipulation features. The aim of this guiding principle is to prevent feature creep and keep the tool focused, the Unix way: do one thing, and do it well.

Origins / inspiration

  • Browserpad started up as a very simple browser notepad entirely contained in a data URI: data:text/html,<textarea autofocus style='width:100%;height:100%;border:none;outline:none'/> (try copying and pasting that to your browser address bar and pressing enter). This concept was originally decribed by @jjperezaguinaga on his 4 Dec 2012 post "One line browser notepad".
  • The data URI approach was neat, but impractical, and was eventually abandoned in favor of the regular HTML file approach.
  • Browserpad is heavily inspired by the existing (but proprietary) online plaintext editors:
  • In terms of features, Browserpad aims to match most of the text manipulation operations listed/implemented in:

Primary features

Note: As a rule of thumb, Browserpad aims to support only editing operations that are generic and content-agnostic. This means it won't implement any context-sensitive functions that depend on the semantic meaning of the text, such as bracket matching, code linting, etc.

  • support tab key
  • auto-save using localStorage (see here)
  • show statistics (lines/words/characters)
  • indent-deindent (with Tab / Shift+Tab)
  • keep selection visible (greyed out) when unfocused (see here)
  • use contents of first line (or filename, if defined) as title (see here)
  • menu entries (menu icon: )
    • contrast (normal / night mode). (see icon here)
    • permalink / share (via data url)
    • save to a file (using the download attribute of the a element; browser support for the download attribute)
      • save as (custom filename).
    • load from a file on disk (based on this implementation)
    • show visual guide at: 0/72/80 CPL (radio buttons)
    • highlight current line
    • text operations (on whole text or selection):
      • case change (lower/upper/title)
      • search & replace
        • match highlight, emphasize current match, and cycling with F3
        • one-by-one or bulk replace
        • regex support
      • wrap-unwrap lines

Possible advanced features


Browserpad is open source software released under the ISC License.